Frequently Asked Questions

summer time: MEZ + 3 h - winter time: MEZ + 4 h
We offer Free WiFi on both ships. The access code is issued at the welcome briefing. Please note that there are sometimes no or only sporadic connection between the atolls / islands. There is no entitlement to refund in case of lack of functionality!
For onboard catering is catered in form of full board (breakfast is served, lunch and dinner buffet). An extra tip from our dive guide: after the dives or in the cozy evenings on deck has repeatedly proven a “hearty snack” from home.
Our chef tries very hard to pull varied dishes out of the small kitchen. However, keep in mind that almost everything has to be imported and carried. Of course this can also sometimes lead to shortages of fresh food.
A Please keep in mind that you should drink plenty of fluids on the Maldives – all of course no alcohol! Drinking water from the dispenser, tea and coffee (soluble) are included.
The jacuzzi is filled for you upon request with salt water. Because the ship is almost constantly in motion, it is impossible to leave the Jacuzzi permanently filled.
There are two first aid kits on board (one on the wall in the salon and a suitcase on the dhoni). Furthermore, there is a 50 L – oxygen bottle and a DAN case is also available. If needed, please contact the captain or the dive guide.
On the island of Bandos is a decompression chamber under medical direction, the public hospital is on the main island of Male.
Gratuities are a confirmation of excellent services. Because many customers always ask us which tip regulation consists, we would like to give you some inform:
There is no set amount (such as on cruise ships). So you are of course free to give what you think that the services of the Department has complied.
Gratuities in the Maldives are, as well as in many other countries (USA), part of the salary, but of course the decision is yours.
You will get a tip envelope at the end of the trip, this is for the tip of all crew members. Thank you!
220 volt 24 hours – no adapter required. A charging station is located in the salon. Please do not charge any of your devices in the cabins – risk of fire!
We kindly ask you not to jump into the sea while the ship’s engine is running (currents!). Please ask our captain if you can safely go swimming in advandced. After bathing, we kindly ask you NOT to enter the salon with wet swimwear. Of course you get towels from us (for the cabin), because the number is limited, we recommend that you also bring along your own beach towels too.
If you want, a fresh towel just ask a crew member. Otherwise, the exchange is done 1x a week.
In addition to the diving equipment we recommend light bathing suits, beach towels, headband, sunscreen and perhaps a jogging suit for the evening. If you want to sleep on deck under the stars, a light sleeping bag would be advisable. Mattresses are on board. Clothespins to hang the wet towels are also helpful.
Yes – we accept all major credit cards and cash, our price lists on board are in €. If you pay with a credit card the amount will be charged U.S. $. The current exchange rate is used.